Charles F. Haeussner, M.D.

“The “Cough-Buddy” has become an instant success in my practice of general surgery. The patients are excited to receive their “gifts” and they use them very effectively. Now all the nurses want them too! I also have to inform you that you have now committed me to ordering teddy bears for my patients for life. Your product has certainly caught on well to this hospital and has been warmly received by all. Again my thanks.”
Charles F. Haeussner, M.D.
General Surgery and Oncology

I without a doubt recommend “Cough Buddy” as a post-operative pillow after surgery. I had 3 procedures on my lung; a Mediastinoscopy, VATS, as well as a Thoractomy.

After the surgery I was given a “Cough Buddy” Moose post-op pillow that was by my side through the entire healing process. It was very difficult to cough and breathe with my incisions, and I cannot imagine my recovery without this pillow.

Thank you Teddy-Tech for developing this amazing pillow!

– Chas B.