Bari-Buddy™ Bariatric Pillow

“Bari Buddy™” appears to be just a teddy bear, but is, in fact, a specially designed pillow to help you cough and deep-breathe after Bariatric surgery.

“Bari Buddy™” is designed to have a firm, but flexible flat back, so that he can serve as a splinting device for the patient’s incision. Our Bariatric pillow is totally machine washable, dryable and flame retardant.

Recovery from weight loss surgery  is just as much a psychological process as a physical one. Patients often feel vulnerable, as if they have lost control of their lives. “Bari Buddy” Bariatric pillows have  proven to be a great comfort if a patient suffers from post-operative depression. It becomes a very special gift to give a patient, another tool that helps them through their surgery, and a reminder of your commitment to them and their success.

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All Teddy-Tech’s post-op pillows are machine washable. We recommend warm water using no bleach or fabric softener. They may be tumble dried on low heat.

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I without a doubt recommend “Cough Buddy” as a post-operative pillow after surgery. I had 3 procedures on my lung; a Mediastinoscopy, VATS, as well as a Thoractomy.

After the surgery I was given a “Cough Buddy” Moose post-op pillow that was by my side through the entire healing process. It was very difficult to cough and breathe with my incisions, and I cannot imagine my recovery without this pillow.

Thank you Teddy-Tech for developing this amazing pillow!

– Chas B.